Business Solutions

We specialize in developing multilayered client server applications. We have skills in COM-DCOM, CORBA, ODBC technologies. Along with these technologies we have skills in database backends like SQL Server, Oracle, Informix and Access. Developing aesthetic front ends using VC++ and VB is additional strength.

Platform : Windows NT 4.0 Tools Used : Visual C++ 6.0 (Developed for Compaq Worldwide Service, USA.)

The existing IBIS CORBA server was re-written using DCOM technology. The project involved reassigning of the IBIS server, keeping the same functionality and without any changes to the IBIS client. The CORBA IDLs were rewritten to compile with MIDL. The IBIS DCOM server runs as a multithreaded server in a different process space.

Enhancements in IBIS (Integrated Billing Information System)
Platform: Windows NT 4.0 Tools Used: Microsoft Visual C++ 4.2, ObjectBroker, Visual Basic 5.0, SQL Server 6.5 (Developed for Compaq Worldwide Services, USA)

The project involved adding few modules to existing IBIS system. The system has three tire architecture. The front end is in VB and Web (using ASP). The middle layers are written in OLE and CORBA using VC 4.2 and Digital ObjectBroker. The backend used is SQL Server. Our task involved writing new modules. This involved additions of new CORBA objects and corresponding changes in VB, OLE and SQL Server.

Query Generating DLL
Platform: Windows NT 4.0, Windows 98 Tools Used: Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0, Pro*C (Developed for a Japanese client through Sutra Systems)

The project involved generating queries for the user tasks and executing them in real time application. The user tasks were dynamic and were maintained as requirement tables in Oracle database. This functionality was implemented using a DLL which used Pro*C to access Oracle database. The DLL read the user requirement tables and generated corresponding queries. These queries were fired by DLL automatically. This DLL was used in a real time application which updated database ever few mili seconds. The DLL also has calls to update user requirement tables.

Database Gateway
Platform: Windows NT 3.5 Tools Used: Microsoft Visual C++ 2.0, MFC, ODBC (Developed for Alfa Laval Sweden)

The project involved developing an NT service, which functions as ODBC Gateway between a process control system and database server. The service was implemented a multithreaded engine. The service runs on any machine on the network and accepts commands from the process control machine, then depending on the command it connects to the database and fires SQL on the database. Then collects the results and sends it back to the process control machine.

Dayplan for Team Support
Platform: Windows 3.1 Tools Used: Microsoft Visual C++ 1.5, MFC (Developed for a Swedish software firm called Skånska Flödesplanerarna)

Team Support is a production scheduling system meant especially for flow oriented production. DayPlan is a part of Team Support software. The DayPlan involves planning of production upto a level where every operation on every machine can be controlled. The DayPlan has a graphical user interface. It displays all the workstations and the operations carried out on them. User can click on any of the operation and change the schedule by dragging the operation to any other workstation. The DayPlan also suggests the best schedule for the available orders with available number of manpower and machines.