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AQURA is a Windows based financial accounting software. We have a freeware version of AQURA named AQURA - Lite. AQURA - Lite is NOT a demo, but a freeware software. It is complete in features, and has NO time bomb. AQURA - Lite is used by more than 15000 users today.

Click here to download AQURA - Lite.

Sleek Backup
Sleek Backup is tool that help you to take backups. With Sleek Backup you can backup your files easily.

Click here to download Sleek Backup.

CanalX Demo
CanalX is a software for canal progress tracking and area / volume calculations of the canal work. Using the demo version of CanalX you can evaluate its features.

Click here to download CanalX demo.

HSIM (Hardware Simulator)
HSIM includes simulator for various microprocessors / micro-controllers and peripheral chips. The demo version available on the site is for 8085 microprocessor.

Click here to download HSIM demo.

About HSIM Demo.