CanalX, Canal Progress Tracking Software

CanalX is our latest software product, developed for Civil Engineering Contractors executing canal work.

CanalX displays the canal work progress in graphical and tabular format. The graphical view displays the longitudinal view of the canal. CanalX also displays the cross section of canal at a particular chainage. The cross sectional view displays the progress of work done for the excavation done, strata classifications, banking work etc. in different colors. The cross sectional view displays the areas for hearting, casing, flow section excavation, COT, stripping etc.

Click here to download CanalX demo.

Quick Estimations
CanalX calculates exact areas and volumes for the canal work to be done. Manual methods are approximate methods. The methods used by CanalX are more accurate than the currently used manual methods. Also the manual methods takes long time where an engineer has to calculate all the areas and volumes.

Quick Billing
When the bills are prepared time to time during the period when the canal is built. The invoices are prepared for the actual work done for the canal. Calculating the areas and volumes for the progress done is a complex and time consuming task. It is observed that for 1 kilometer length of canal, it takes about two weeks for an engineer to make the calculations. CanalX does this task in hardly any time. Also saving this time implies earlier submission of invoices.

  • Windows 95,98,NT based.
  • Easy to use.
  • Fast and Robust
  • Ultimate Accuracy
  • Easy - Backup and restore facility. (On floppies or Hard Disk Drives)
  • Used and accepted by many MKVDC contractors.
  • No any supporting drawing software required.
  • Multiple projects.
  • Longitudinal section graph.
  • Cross section graph (banking, and flow section in one graph).
  • Marking Controlled Blasting zones.
  • Facility to exclude chainages.
  • Typical cross section template facility.
  • Strata classification for Flow section excavation and COTs.