Engineering Projects

Being innovative and reliable in our design has enabled us to service our clients in engineering industry. We have developed the solutions to complex problems, developed real-time data acquisition systems along with developing user friendly graphical interfaces.

Platform: Windows 95, Windows 98 Tools Used: Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 (Developed for Ador Powertron)

Precicom is a front end tool for monitoring and controlling pollution control system. The system has sixteen controllers. The controllers communicate with Precicom using RS 422. Using Precicom user can monitor and control the individual controller. Precicom keeps history of events like fault history, trend graphs etc.

UPS Controlling Software
Platform: Windows 95, Windows 98 Tools Used: Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 (for Microsys)

The software acts as a control panel for UPS. The UPS is connected to computer using COM port. The software displays various UPS parameters as guages or in digital mode. The software gives warnings when UPS battery charge drops below a certain level. After the charge level drops, the software can automatically shut down the UPS.

Thickness Measurement System
Platform: Windows 95 Tools Used: Microsoft Visual C++ 1.5, MFC

The project involves collecting data coming from the COM ports, processing it and displaying on line graphs. The data contains various parameters of the polyester film being produced. The readings are sent to the machine by the electronic sensors. The project also involved various statistical analysis and online corrections of the collected data based on previous records.

SoftLine (IOP / MMI Programming Software)
Platform: MS DOS Tools Used: Microsoft C7

IOP is an interactive device used for programming PLCs. The project involves accepting various messages and keys definitions from user on PC compiling them and transferring them to IOP using RS485. The message and keyboard definition involves use of various kinds of variables. The type of variables depend on PLC type. The software is made to support any kind of PLC by editing a configuration file.

Ladder Editor for PLC
Platform: MS DOS Tools Used: Microsoft C6

The product was developed for a particular client and it was used as a visual PLC ladder logic editor. Format of the ladders was proprietary to the PLC. All standard text editor features like block commands, saving and loading, search and replace were implemented for ladders.

Weighbridge - PLC Communication Controller
Platform: MS DOS Tools Used: Turbo Pascal (Developed for Alfa Laval (India) Ltd.)

The project involved writing communication controlling software on PC, which can communicate with Weighbridges and PLC. The software collects data from multiple weighbridges, analyses them and sends it to PLC. Weighbridges are connected to PC on COM ports, whereas PLC is connected on SATBUS with PC.

UPS Controlling Software
Platform: MS DOS Tools Used: Microsoft C7

The software is a TSR program which controls UPS and informs the status of UPS to the user. The program informs user when power fails or UPS batteries go low. The program can also take a decision to switch of the UPS. The program communicates with UPS using RS-232.