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Product Development

We specialize in developing software products. We have our own products and also we have developed software products for out clients.

The software products have long life cycle. The product should be designed to be scalable, reliable and should have the best performance. The product should be designed to be as lite weight as possible and should easily get installed. The version management, the product upgrades, licence management etc. are very important issues which are part of product development cycle.

We have the mindset and the experience required for developing software products.

Our own Products

Partial list of Products developed for our clients.

MPTL (MultiPort Test Language Tool)
Platform: Windows 2000, XP Tools Used: Microsoft C# (Developed for Appropriate Solutions, USA)

MPTL is a tool For Testing SIP based Products. The MPTL application tool is designed to function as a general-purpose tool to assist automate testing of SIP based IP telephones The tool provides for monitoring/control over multiple TCP/IP and UDP interfaces and serial ports using a simple-to-program script language. MPTL has features like, Control over multiple ports on multiple IP addresses to simulate different servers (e.g. registration and proxy server), Scripting language for developing scripts to simulate user agent and / or server, Provision of a complete set of regular expression and string manipulation functions which allows the user to filter and create SIP (text) messages with ease, Trace log and Data logs allow for easy recording, analysis and debugging of data, Batch execution of multiple scripts allows user to execute scripts in batches, GUI module provides features to display source, output, message, error contents in windows.

One-a-day Spanish
Platform: Windows 98 Tools Used: Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 (Developed for Bilingual Communications, USA)

One-a-day Spanish is a tool for learning Spanish. The program pops up a new Spanish word every day, along with a Spanish sentence at a preset time. The program also displays the English meaning of this word and sentence. The program plays the .wav file for the popped up word and the sentence. The admin tool allows building the dictionaries of words. A dictionary is compressed in a single file, which contains table of words along with the associated .wav files.

K12 Letters
Platform: Windows 98 Tools Used: Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 (Developed for Bilingual Communications, USA)

K12 Bilingual letters is a library of pre-written model letters for schools. All letters are included in English and Spanish and are provided in electronic format for ease of editing. These letters are made available in text, MS Word and Word Perfect formats. The letters are categorized as per their subject. The user browses through these categories and finds the required letter and opens an English or Spanish version. The admin program generates the letter-bank by creation of categories and putting letters in it.

Platform: Windows 95, Windows 98 Tools Used: Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 (Developed for Ador Powertron)

Precicom is a front end tool for monitoring and controlling pollution control system. The system has sixteen controllers. The controllers communicate with Precicom using RS 422. Using Precicom user can monitor and control the individual controller. Precicom keeps history of events like fault history, trend graphs etc.

SoftLine (IOP / MMI Programming Software)
Platform: MS DOS Tools Used: Microsoft C7

IOP is an interactive device used for programming PLCs. The project involves accepting various messages and keys definitions from user on PC compiling them and transferring them to IOP using RS485. The message and keyboard definition involves use of various kinds of variables. The type of variables depend on PLC type. The software is made to support any kind of PLC by editing a configuration file.

Ladder Editor for PLC
Platform: MS DOS Tools Used: Microsoft C6

The product was developed for a particular client and it was used as a visual PLC ladder logic editor. Format of the ladders was proprietary to the PLC. All standard text editor features like block commands, saving and loading, search and replace were implemented for ladders.