System Software Development

Sadhanasoft's core team consists of computer engineers, who want to work with the very fundamentals of computer technology. We are experienced in working very close with the operating system and hardware. We also specialize in writing compilers, assemblers and various scripting tools.

Remote View/Control Utility for WINDOWS 3.1 GUI
Platform: Windows 3.1 Tools Used: Microsoft C7, SDK

The product allows a Windows PC in a network to view or take control of another Windows PC. The project involved extensive use of Windows internals and development of device drivers.

Porting of MOTIF product from SUN to MS Windows
Platform: Windows 3.1 Tools Used: Microsoft C7, SDK

The project involved porting of client applications written for SUN machine, which uses PCNFS. The client application was ported to MS Windows 3.1. It involved file transfer utilities across UNIX servers and MS Windows clients. Special care was taken for UNIX file name conversions.

Network Status Utility
Platform: Windows 3.1 Tools Used: Microsoft C6, SDK

The product allows a Windows PC to monitor status of workstations in a wide area network.

Television Server
Platform: MS DOS Tools Used: Microsoft C7

The project involved writing a television request server, serving 32 televisions connected on serial ports. Televisions are installed in Hotel Rooms and are operated using remote control. The server stores the database and sends data to TV as requested. TV functions as a dumb terminal and displays received data. The server sends menu pages to TV and user selects options by operating UP, DOWN and SELECT keys from remote control. The server supports buffering of display pages for faster response. The project also involved writing screen-formatting utilities to display data in various fonts and colors.

File Format Transformation Utility
Platform: MS DOS, OS2 and CTOS Tools Used: Microsoft C6

The project involved development of conversion routines for transforming ASCII data to various PC formats. The project also involved development of a common user interface across DOS, OS/2 and CTOS platforms.

Debug Information Browser
Platform: MS DOS Tools Used: Microsoft C8 (Developed for Cirrus Logic, India design center)

The project involved porting of an assembler for a RICS chip under Unix platform to DOS and developing the debug information browser. The multi-file build tool was added to the assembler, which enabled building the projects made up of multiple source files. The assembler was upgraded to generate the debug information.

The browser used this debug information generated by the assembler to track various labels, symbols, macros etc. through the source code. Various facilities were added such as finding the definition, values and references to the symbols used. A facility was added to map the trace information generated by the logic analyzer to the source code.