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What is new in AQURA 8

Cash Counter AQURA now supports cash counter sale. Now you can install AQURA on your cash counter and record the sale done.

Multiple Voucher Formats Now AQURA supports multiple printing formats for the same type of voucher. E.g. now you can have different formats for 'Cash Sale' and 'Credit Sale'. You can also define conditions so that the appropriate voucher format is automatically selected while printing vouchers.

Letter Heads AQURA now can print some reports in form of letters.

Printing of Logos in Reports Now you can print your company logos in AQURA reports, vouchers and letters printed using AQURA.

Column Management for Browser The browser now allows you to move and hide columns.

Cancellation of Voucher AQURA now supports cancellation of vouchers. Canceled voucher is treated as deleted voucher, but it is not physically deleted. The cancelled voucher can later on be uncancelled.

Receipt Payment Account A new browser for Receipt Payment Account is added.

Other Changes to Browser
  • Alternate Browser Lines
  • Parent Group in Trial Balance
  • The parent group is added in trial balance browsers
  • Ledger Without Details
  • Button to Quickly Access Ledger and Balances
  • 'Reference' is added in the tabular registers.

Other Changes
  • Now you can book expenditure purchase and capital purchases using purchase vouchers.
  • Create New Group While Creating Accounts
  • Starting Number for Automatically Numbered Vouchers

What is new in AQURA 7

Changes to Custom Fields The current version supports upto 20 custom fields. The current version has added 'Amount' and 'Number' type of custom fields. The custom fields can now be added also for items in sales voucher and purchase vouchers.

Warnings The current version displays warnings in the company data.

Import and Export of Data The current version supports importing of data from version 5 and version 6. It also has facility to export and import data in 'Version Independent Format'.

Customizable Decimal Digits Now user can specify the number of digits after decimal places in the amount field as well as for the units of items.

Party Information for Cash Sale AQURA now asks for the party information to be printed on the invoice for the cash sale vouchers.

On Account Receivable and Payable Browser The on account receivable and payable browsers are added as part of outstanding browsers.

Quick Jump for Selecting Browser From any browser you can press ALT+J to jump to the required browser.

Automatic Tax Calculation in Sales Voucher Now AQURA asks for the tax percentage while creating account under 'Duties and Taxes' group. When this account is entered in the sales voucher, AQURA automatically calculates the tax amount using the sales amount and the percentage. While creating items you can associate a tax account with it. Whenever this item is entered in sales voucher, AQURA will automatically add an entry for the tax and will calculate the tax amount automatically.

What is New in AQURA 6

AQURA 6 is a substantial improvement over AQURA 5. Following is a list of major improvements.

Improvements to Browser
More coverage New AQURA shows more data in browser and has more flexibility. For example AQURA now shows debit and credit transactions in Trial Balance browser or Custom fields in Ledger and Register browsers, etc. Also AQURA now has more browser screens like tabular format for registers and ledgers, Detailed format for balance sheet and profit and loss account etc.

Flexibility Now you can change width of columns in browser. You can also hide the columns which you do not want to see. In some browser screens, you can select the level of details you want to see.

Quick Search Now you can search on any column. Select the column and start typing the entry you wish to search. AQURA finds the entry, which has the matching characters at the beginning to the keys you typed.

Sorting Now you can sort the contents of browser on any column. Just click on the column title to sort!

Context Menu You can now click with right mouse button on the any cell in the browser to open its context menu. The context menu has options specific to the selected cell. E.g. the context menu for the cell showing account will have options to open the ledger or balances for the account.

Direct Printing Now you can print the contents of the browser or you can export it to MS Excel.

Improved Watches
Now you can define multiple sets of watches. One set can be seen at a time. You can now watch either balances or transactions and can also specify the date range for the watch.

Watches now act as shortcuts to the information they are showing. If you click a watch box, the browser relevant to the value shown in the watch will be opened.

User Management
AQURA now has user management. Now you can create different users and assign them different permissions.

Now you can transact items with AQURA. You can enter information about the items traded in sales and purchase vouchers. You can also enter inward and outward challans for the transactions that do not involve any sale or purchase.

The conversion vouchers are used to record conversion of items, typically production of finished goods using raw material.

AQURA also supports customized invoice printing.

Stationery Management
Stationery is a template which defines various report parameters like headers, footers, page size, printer type etc. AQURA supports different stationery for different types of reports. AQURA supports stationery definition for printing regular reports, vouchers, invoices and letters.

Integrated Backup
Backup utilities are now integrated in AQURA program, you do not need to run a separate program to backup your company data.